Q: Does Deol Garage Doors repairs/service all kinds of Garage doors and openers?

A: Yes, we service all makes of garage door openers as well as all makes of garage doors, both residential and commercial.


Q: Is there a charge for coming out?

A: Yes, there is a minimum service charge.


Q: How can I be sure the repairmen will not charge me too much or try to sell parts that are not needed?

A: Deol Garage Doors is a family owned and operated company serving GTA and surrounding areas over 20 years. We never sublet our jobs to somebody else because it’s a family owned and operated company; we make sure that each job is done professionally at very reasonable prices.


Q: Can we get a service call after hours?

A: Yes, there is a garage door service repairman available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. After-hours service is billed at double time with a three hour minimum.


Q: If one, but not both springs break, should I change just the broken one?

A: If one garage door spring breaks, then the other one is probably close behind. Its cheaper to do them both at the same time.


Q: Broken Spring on Your Garage Door?

A: This is the #1 Garage Door Problem for most homeowners.
Matching the right set of springs to your garage door’s specific weight and dimensions are crucial to the operation and longevity of a garage door that lifts and closes properly.


Q: Garage Door Wedged or Off Its Tracks?

A: We can reset your garage door and get your garage working again on its tracks.


Q: Do you do garage door repairs and installations even in the bad weather?

A: It might take us a little longer to get around the city, but our garage door sevice techs and installers are working and doing their best. It has to be extreme cold for us to postpone, but that does not happen very often.


Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

A :Cash and Cheques only (some conditions apply)


Q: Is there any Concession or price privilege for Older citizens and out of job people?

A :Yes, We consider it generously.